Getting to grips with the internet

I, Clemens Gerstenkorn (51), unlike many people in my age, cannot seem to get to grips with the internet. One minute it is so simple, the next it’s exploding with new content, including all the verbal jargon which comes with the territory. Who has the time to remember the difference between Memes and Gifs or Smileys and Emoticons? Are there really people out there learning every meaning behind a semicolon and a bracket symbol, rather than the classical ways of expressing your true feelings using words? I can, however, write E-mails and work with text documents and receive a little help now and again to get things up and running.

I may not be gifted in using the internet, I am however good at my job. I am a full-time doctor and surgeon, or in other words, a human plumber. I fix what nature cannot and try my best to keep up-to-date with all the newest techniques, which the medical world is faced with.

Although this seems far from the media world, they are actually closely connected. Many people use the internet as a way of checking their symptoms and seeing if something is wrong with them. Other times, it can be used as a reassurance for families facing a crisis. However, when talking to people who are not associated with the medical world, I find that they are faced with medical phrases, which are either not properly explained or just not understood by the parties.

So now I get to state one of my main goals for this website. What I would like to do, is share my knowledge with the world and explain the difficult medical ‘slang’, without all the complicated stress of personalizing it. In doing so, I hope to ease patient’s and their friend’s and family’s worries and allow them to focus on what matters.

My second goal is to discuss papers, research and different surgical techniques in depth, whether my own, or written by others. This will be more detailed than just explaining medical terminology and once in a while will be followed by another ‘blog’ type article, referring to my thought processes.

Until next time

– Clemens

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